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Covid-19 Statement

Our priority at The Caldecott Foundation is the health and safety of the young people who access our services and our incredible team of dedicated professionals who support them

Since the start of the crisis we have stopped all but essential visits to our services with many meetings taking place on video conferencing. Within our services we have put in place a range of measures to keep everyone safe including (but not limited to) social distancing measures, one way systems, new hand hygiene facilities, additional cleaning and temperature checks. We are continually looking for new ways to improve our response and further minimise the risk.

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis we have worked tirelessly to ensure that our essential services continue to deliver outstanding outcomes. This has been managed through our Covid-19 business continuity plan (BCP) which we have shared with relevant regulatory bodies and the Local Authorities who use our services.

Our BCP has been developed in line with Government and NHS guidelines and with specific advice from Public Health England. Our senior team meets several times a week to review and update the plan based on new information and changing circumstances. At the current time we do not foresee any disruption to our residential care, education, boarding or fostering services as a result of Covid-19.

We are extremely proud of the extraordinary commitment that our staff have shown to our young people throughout the crisis. They have been selflessly dedicated, often in the face of extremely challenging personal circumstances, and we would like to take this opportunity say a huge ‘Thank You’.

Nick Barnett

Managing Director


The Caldecott Foundation is a leading provider of therapeutic care and education

From bases in Kent and Nottinghamshire, the Caldecott Foundation provides vulnerable young people from across the UK with therapeutic residential care, foster families and education.  Ofsted has rated most of our children’s homes and our fostering service as “Outstanding”.

We operate our own on-site school in Kent for pupils with specific, identified educational needs and those who require bespoke intervention.  The Caldecott School offers weekly boarding for pupils and a dedicated environment for Primary provision.  Through our Education Services, young people in all of our children’s homes can access a wide range of individualised learning packages, from home tutoring to small group ‘nurturing classrooms’ led by qualified teachers and support into a mainstream school.

All of our services are delivered in line with the ‘Caldecott Relational Model’ which underpins our ethos, values and practice. Our model supports children and young people to feel safe through the development of nurturing, reparative relationships. Through the consistent application of our Relational Model across the entire organisation we are able to offer our young people the experience of a secure base from which they can feel safe enough to address issues in their lives positively.

Our therapeutic care and education services are delivered by highly motivated staff supported by our in house therapy team through regular case management, group supervision and mentalisation. Our Clinical Psychologists provide detailed psychological assessments that feed into bespoke treatment plans designed to meet the individual needs of each young person.

Organisations we work with:

  • Kent Invicta Chamber Of Commerce
  • Ofsted
  • Department Of Education
  • Independent Children's Home Association
  • Fundraising Regulator
  • National Autistic Society

Case Study

For one child that lived with us his childhood memories were filled with sadness. Constantly being let down, being hit and shouted at was the norm. Then things happened that he wanted to shut out – the very people that should care for him, hurt him. Abuse, neglect, violence and isolation become his world. When taken into care he was confused, withdrawn and put barriers up to stop harm.

Sadly more abuse followed leaving a child that couldn’t trust anyone. When adults tried to care he would push them away. If they tried harder he would react with verbal aggression. If they stayed with him he would hit out. Even though foster carers gave him everything, it wasn’t enough and so several placements broke down.

He started life with us in the only way he knew – verbal, physical aggression to the adults trying to care for him. We gave him a keyworker who for the next three years was a consistent figure in his life attending every meeting, appointment and accompanying him to his therapy sessions. Always there to pick him up when he was low and always believing in him and his future.

He started to attend clubs and societies and enjoy spending time with others. He developed meaningful relationships with adults and made friends with other children. We believed in him and eventually he believed in himself.

The Caldecott Foundation News

  • Camping Medals for Children

    Summer Camp 2022

    Young people from the Caldecott Foundation have just returned from an action-packed adventure in the great outdoors at their Annual Summer Camp!    As they arrived at the start of the week, a range of activities awaited everyone, from kayaking and archery to wall climbing and a zip wire. They all slept in tents, cooked outdoors, and gathered around a campfire in the evenings, surrounded by beautiful scenery. We would like ......
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  • The British Association of Play Therapist's Annual Conference

    The British Association of Play Therapist's Annual Conference

      Workshop 1: It’s in Our DNA – Working in Nature For Sensory & Embodiment Reconnection in Play Therapy I attended the recent annual conference for the British Association of Play Therapists, and this are some thoughts on the first workshop I attended. While this workshop hasn’t led me to think I need to break out into the great wilds of Kent for my play therapy sessions, it did make ......
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  • man stood in front of screen picture of lacton hall

    An Inspiring Talk for Caldecott Children

    This week students from our School Council and Eco Council were delighted to have an inspirational careers talk from Richard Ford, who is currently a Sales Direct for HP Inc UKI.  Richard attended Caldecott School and lived at one of our homes in Ashford in the 1980s.  He shared fond memories of his time with us, making friends who became family. Richard said “It was a real pleasure to meet ......
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  • Recycling poem by a Pupil

    Recycling poem by a Pupil

    We would like to celebrate the achievement of a Falcons pupil. She spent time writing a poem on the importance of recycling. This is part of taking care of our environment and Pledge2 recycle. Click here to view the poem....
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  • Harry’s Caldecott Story

    Harry’s Caldecott Story

    At the age of four, Harry was placed in the care of his local authority. Several foster placements broke down as Harry presented with challenging behaviours. These behaviours escalated with him making serious attempts to harm himself. To keep Harry safe, he was admitted into secure accommodation in 2019. After almost a year in secure accommodation it was agreed that the secure order was no longer required. In September 2020, we offered ......
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  • We are proud to be Key Workers

    We are proud to be Key Workers

    With UK “lockdown one” now past its first anniversary, “Zoom”, “Working From Home”, and “Key Workers” are words and phrases that are part of everyday conversation.. We are proud to be Key Workers here at the Caldecott Foundation; a community over 100 years old, we are focused on helping children and young people reach their full potential through our school, fostering service, and residential homes in Kent and the East Midlands. “......
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  • Caldecott Celebrates VE Day 75

    Caldecott Celebrates VE Day 75

    Children and young people from across the Caldecott Foundation have been celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day – when, on 8th May 1945, the Nazis’ surrender to the Allied forces marked victory in Europe and signalled the end of the Second World War. At a Caldecott Foundation residential home in Kent, young people took part in a variety of VE Day activities – colouring in posters and bunting flags, completing quiz sheets ......
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  • Caldecott's Sweet Shop Experience

    Caldecott's Sweet Shop Experience

    Thanks to a new team member's brainwave, children and young people from a Caldecott Foundation residential home haven't missed out on pocket money trips to the "sweet shop” during lockdown! Measures put in place to halt the spread of coronavirus have meant that, sadly, young people can’t go into town at the weekend to browse the local shops.  But a home-grown, in-house sweet shop initiative has offered them a ......
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  • Easter At The Caldecott Foundation

    Easter At The Caldecott Foundation

    Easter might have been a bit different this year, but Caldecott’s children and young people have continued to benefit from the kindness and generosity of the Foundation’s supporters. Thanks to the thoughtfulness of well-wishers, young people from across the Caldecott Foundation’s services have enjoyed an eggxtra chocolatey time, in keeping with lockdown guidelines. Individual supporter Andrea di Stefano, who has organised several Christmas and Easter gift collections ......
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  • Caldecott Children Spread Joy Through Artwork

    Caldecott Children Spread Joy Through Artwork

    Despite the anxiety that the world is feeling about Coronavirus, and the challenges of the disruption to daily life caused by the current situation, children and young people from the Caldecott Foundation have been spreading positive messages through their beautiful handmade artwork. Following the government’s decision to close schools in the UK and put the nation into a period of lockdown, an online trend sprang up of sharing rainbows ......
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