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The Caldecott Foundation is a leading provider of therapeutic care and education

From bases in Kent and Nottinghamshire, the Caldecott Foundation provides vulnerable young people from across the UK with therapeutic residential care, foster families and education.  Ofsted has rated five of our children’s homes and our fostering service as “Outstanding”, with all of our other services rated as “Good”.

We operate our own on-site school in Kent for pupils with specific, identified educational needs and those who require bespoke intervention.  The Caldecott School offers weekly boarding for pupils and a dedicated environment for Primary provision.  Through our Education Services, young people in all of our children’s homes can access a wide range of individualised learning packages, from home tutoring to small group ‘nurturing classrooms’ led by qualified teachers and support into a mainstream school.

All of our services are delivered in line with the ‘Caldecott Relational Model’ which underpins our ethos, values and practice. Our model supports children and young people to feel safe through the development of nurturing, reparative relationships. Through the consistent application of our Relational Model across the entire organisation we are able to offer our young people the experience of a secure base from which they can feel safe enough to address issues in their lives positively.

Our therapeutic care and education services are delivered by highly motivated staff supported by our in house therapy team through regular case management, group supervision and mentalisation. Our Clinical Psychologists provide detailed psychological assessments that feed into bespoke treatment plans designed to meet the individual needs of each young person.

Organisations we work with:

  • Kent Invicta Chamber Of Commerce
  • Ofsted
  • Department Of Education
  • Independent Children's Home Association
  • Fundraising Regulator

Case Study

For one child that lived with us his childhood memories were filled with sadness. Constantly being let down, being hit and shouted at was the norm. Then things happened that he wanted to shut out – the very people that should care for him, hurt him. Abuse, neglect, violence and isolation become his world. When taken into care he was confused, withdrawn and put barriers up to stop harm.

Sadly more abuse followed leaving a child that couldn’t trust anyone. When adults tried to care he would push them away. If they tried harder he would react with verbal aggression. If they stayed with him he would hit out. Even though foster carers gave him everything, it wasn’t enough and so several placements broke down.

He started life with us in the only way he knew – verbal, physical aggression to the adults trying to care for him. We gave him a keyworker who for the next three years was a consistent figure in his life attending every meeting, appointment and accompanying him to his therapy sessions. Always there to pick him up when he was low and always believing in him and his future.

He started to attend clubs and societies and enjoy spending time with others. He developed meaningful relationships with adults and made friends with other children. We believed in him and eventually he believed in himself.

The Caldecott Foundation News

  • Caldecott's Summer Camp Success!

    Caldecott's Summer Camp Success!

    Young people from the Caldecott Foundation’s children’s homes in Kent and Nottinghamshire have once again been offered the rewards of a fun and exciting Summer Camp adventure – and this year, in beautiful weather. The Foundation's Summer Camp provides young people with a range of opportunities for personal development and social bonding – through individual activities and group challenges in the great outdoors; sports and games; sleeping in tents and ......
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  • Back To School for Caldecott!

    Back To School for Caldecott!

    It’s the end of Back To School week and new Head Teacher at Caldecott School, Karen Norman has been welcoming pupils and staff, following a great start to the beginning of term. “Well done everyone – we’ve survived the first week back”, said Karen.  “It’s always hard returning to work after a long holiday and we all hate hearing that first alarm on the first day back, don’......
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  • Caldecott's Got Talent!

    Caldecott's Got Talent!

    The Caldecott Foundation has been celebrating the success of “Caldecott’s Got Talent” – its first Foundation-wide talent show. Nine young people from across the Foundation’s children’s homes and Caldecott Fostering took part in the contest, on a sunny afternoon in the grounds of Caldecott School. “Our young people told us that they wanted us to stage a “Britain’s Got Talent”-style competition”, said Caldecott’s Karan Hughes, ......
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  • Caldecott Launches Therapeutic Residential Boarding

    Caldecott Launches Therapeutic Residential Boarding

    The Caldecott Foundation is delighted to introduce Garden House, a 38 week therapeutic residential boarding home.  Garden House provides boarding and education for children from the age of 7 to 16 years, with Caldecott’s Primary and Secondary schools just a short walk from the home. “We know that the right placement really can help children to thrive”, Garden House staff say.  “Our school and residential boarding staff have persistently high expectations for ......
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  • Caldecott's Peter Conquers

    Caldecott's Peter Conquers "The Wall"!

    Caldecott Foundation teacher and long distance athlete Peter Lane has conquered his greatest challenge to date: running sixty nine miles in less than twenty three hours with “The Wall”. The annual endurance event follows Hadrian’s Wall from Carlisle Castle to Newcastle’s Millennium Bridge, with entrants required to cover the route in twenty six hours or less.  Whilst Peter finished “The Wall” successfully within the time limit, many others ......
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  • Caldecott Attends NCCTC 2019

    Caldecott Attends NCCTC 2019

    The Caldecott Foundation and Caldecott Fostering are attending the annual National Children’s Commissioning and Contracting Training Conference, of which this year's theme is “Perfect Storm: Redesigning Commissioning For A Collaborative World”. Damion Napier from the Caldecott Foundation said: “Over the two day conference, the programme of speakers is focusing heavily upon collaborative commissioning.  This runs across residential care, education and fostering services. “Providers have a duty to be open ......
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  • Caldecott Launches

    Caldecott Launches "Bikeability" Appeal

    Summer’s here and in celebration of Bike Week 2019, the Caldecott Foundation has launched a new appeal for its children and young people to enjoy the positive benefits of cycling. “Bikeability” is a national cycle training programme that helps people to gain the practical skills and understanding for cycling on roads and the confidence to explore all kinds of cycling. Now the Caldecott Foundation is planning to make Bikeability available ......
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  • Caldecott Teacher Takes On 'The Wall'

    Caldecott Teacher Takes On 'The Wall'

    A Caldecott Foundation teacher is tackling a mighty physical challenge to boost fundraising for new facilities for the children’s charity. Peter Lane, Lead Teacher from Caldecott’s education services in the East Midlands has signed up for 'The Wall' – a 69 mile endurance event that spans the length of Hadrian’s Wall. “I used to be a sprinter many years ago and played a lot of football, but getting older, ......
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  • Caldecott Fostering Backs Foster Care Fortnight

    Caldecott Fostering Backs Foster Care Fortnight

    The Fostering Network’s “Foster Care Fortnight” is underway and Caldecott Fostering, which is currently recruiting more foster carers, is backing the campaign. For twenty years Foster Care Fortnight has showcased the commitment, passion and dedication of foster carers everywhere.  It has also highlighted the vital need for more foster carers, to care for the thousands of vulnerable children and young people who continue to need their support. Foster Care ......
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  • Rachel Completes Marathon Challenge

    Rachel Completes Marathon Challenge

    Former Caldecott Foundation staff member Rachel Wren has been reflecting on having run the 2019 London Marathon in just five hours and twelve minutes. “I am just about fully recovered now, my legs were pretty sore the following day and negotiating the stairs was interesting!” says Rachel.  “I had the foresight to book a day off work, which definitely helped.” Rachel had already run in the Brighton and Edinburgh marathons but ......
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