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Who Are The Caldecott Foundation?

The Caldecott Foundation provides specialist residential care, fostering families and education for disadvantaged, vulnerable and traumatised young people in the UK.

All of our services work to the Caldecott Foundation’s Relational Model, providing young people with a secure base from which they can feel safe enough to develop strong relationships with adults and other children.

With children’s homes rated as Outstanding by Ofsted, The Caldecott Foundation is one of the country’s leading providers of therapeutic care, with services based in Kent and Nottinghamshire caring for young people from across the UK.

From an initial assessment completed by our own Clinical Psychologists through to our leaving care support service, The Caldecott Foundation provides individually tailored interventions that achieve outstanding long term outcomes.

With our therapeutic approach we support young people with a complex range of behaviours and challenges including specialising in self-harm, sexually harmful behaviours, attachment disorders and those at risk of child sexual exploitation.

Our services are flexible and include:

  • Emergency and planned residential placements
  • Assessment of Needs completed by our Clinical Psychologist
  • Individual therapy sessions with our in-house therapy team
  • Education at our onsite school or within our homes
  • Access to vocational training courses
  • Fostering placement through Caldecott Fostering
  • Ongoing support into independence after leaving care


The Caldecott Foundation’s Board currently has eight members with a wide range of backgrounds and experience who generously volunteer their time and expertise.

  • Mike Lauerman CBE Chairman
    Mike Lauerman CBE Chairman
  • John Fletcher Treasurer
    John Fletcher Treasurer
  • Mike Buchanan
    Mike Buchanan
  • Jeremy Burke
    Jeremy Burke
  • Jerry Flechais
    Jerry Flechais
  • Colin Green
    Colin Green
  • Ebony Hughes
    Ebony Hughes
  • Charles Lister OBE
    Charles Lister OBE

Our History

In the late 19th Century, a young lady from a middle class family in the East End of London named Leila Rendel started a Day Nursery for children whose families, through poverty or neglect, could not care for them. The need was so great that a new more permanent building was needed. In 1911, the Caldecott Nursery was founded and named after the famous Victorian illustrator of children’s books, Randolph Caldecott, whose pictures
decorated the walls.

Due to the bombing of London during the First World War, the nursery moved to Maidstone in Kent where it became known as the Caldecott Community. By 1930, it had grown and cared for some 50 children at any time also providing them with primary education.

In recognising our long history we can also acknowledge that the world has completely changed during the lifetime of the organisation. Throughout all of this change, the organisation has remained committed to supporting children to achieve their potential and helping them build a future.

Today the Caldecott Foundation supports some of the most vulnerable and traumatised children in the country providing a range of care and education services from bases in Kent and Nottinghamshire.

The Caldecott Association

The Caldecott Association is independent of the Caldecott Foundation and exists for ex Caldecott residents and pupils to stay in touch, share memories and attend reunions with their friends and colleagues.

The Association has established a fund, the Diana Dee Fund, to assist ex-Caldecotts who are experiencing financial difficulties, or who need help to further themselves through education and training in their chosen field.

If you would like to find out more about the association then you can visit our website or to make an application for support or a donation then please email or write to:

The Chair, The Diana Dee Fund
c/o The Caldecott Foundation, Caldecott House
Smeeth, Ashford, Kent TN25 6SP

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