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Helping Children Build A Future

The Caldecott Foundation has been committed to providing outstanding childcare for more than a hundred years. We recognise that caring for children who have experienced extreme trauma in their young lives is a challenging and complex task. The basis of our approach is the creation of a secure base for each child which we achieve through our relational model of care.

For us this work begins with the key worker. We believe it is important for the child to initially build a safe, secure, trusting relationship with one individual rather than expecting them to manage multiple relationships as soon as they arrive. Indeed the key worker plays a crucial role for our children and young people throughout their placement and beyond.

We also recognise the importance of providing a warm, safe and emotionally containing home for our young people and invest in the environment as a family would. Having school photos on the bookshelf and toys in the living room to play with. A bedroom which they can personalise to create a space where they feel comfortable and can enjoy spending time. Mealtimes together to talk about their day at school and what they would like to do at the weekend.

Routines, structure and boundaries are there to support and nurture the unmet needs of the children. Regular meetings, study days and case management meetings are all in place to maintain a culture of containment and space to consider each child’s progress.

What We Believe

Our care workers are supported by our in house therapy teamwho provide support and guidance through case management, group supervision and mentalisation. This ensures that the team around the child are providing a nurturing and loving home as well as using the most effective strategies to respond positively to presenting behaviour.

Key workers are an important member of the team around the child and meet regularly with their Key Child to put in place strategies and coping mechanisms which help manage feelings and anxieties appropriately.

Key workers recognise the importance of holding the child in mind. Going on holiday and sending a postcard, creating memories for young people that will be treasured by both. Working as a team around the child with a wider group of professionals, so that young people are clear in their plans for the future. Our outstanding approach stems from a passionate and committed workforce who encourage the young people to not just survive but thrive.

We recognise the crucial role residential care workers play in our young people’s lives. It is more than a career, it is a vocation that supports children and young people to develop relationships and a sense of self from which they can grow.

We believe that our relational model of care and the skilled dedicated group of professionals who deliver it every day provides those children placed in our care with the best opportunity to recover and rebuild their lives.

About Our Homes

The Caldecott Foundation has seven registered children’s homes across Kent and Nottinghamshire, all of which are rated either good or outstanding.

We are also able to offer a complete assessment of need led by our Clinical Psychologist and children can access individual therapy through our in-house therapy team. We support each child’s individual educational needs with a range of options including home tutoring, small classrooms within our homes, our on-site school and support with attending a mainstream provision.

How To Make A Referral And What To Expect

When a young person is referred to us we will work with Local Authorities, social workers and placement teams to ensure we can meet all of the child’s emotional, educational and therapeutic needs. We will then undertake a matching and impact assessment to ensure the young person is compatible with the home and existing young people.

As part of the referral process we will seek as much information as possible about a child so that we can put together the best possible package of support. We may also arrange visits to meet the young person and for them to see the house and meet our staff and children.

If you are looking to place a young person at Caldecott then you can contact us through the following:

1. Call our 24 hour Referrals Line: 0845 463 2521

2. Email us:

3. Complete our online referral form below

If you use our referral form or email us with details, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your requirements and let you know if we need any additional information.

We look forward to speaking with you about how we can work together to help children build a future.

Make A Referral

To make a referral, please complete the form below and we will contact you immediately to discuss your requirements. If you would like to read our privacy notice first then click here.

Our children’s homes are all rated “good” or “outstanding” by Ofsted

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