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We are proud to be Key Workers

With UK “lockdown one” now past its first anniversary, “Zoom”, “Working From Home”, and “Key Workers” are words and phrases that are part of everyday conversation..

We are proud to be Key Workers here at the Caldecott Foundation; a community over 100 years old, we are focused on helping children and young people reach their full potential through our school, fostering service, and residential homes in Kent and the East Midlands.

“We have kept working throughout this pandemic,” Nick Barnett, Caldecott’s Managing Director, said. “The young people we care for have remained our top priority, and all of our staff have worked tirelessly through a very challenging year.”

With our century of experience, Caldecott has seen a lot of changes, and Nick is keen to point out how 2020 (and into 2021) has been met by the team.

“We have an incredibly resilient team; our front-line residential workers have supported our young people so well, and I am very proud of them. Our school remained open all the way through the crisis, and our foster carers have continued to deliver the same outstanding quality care.”

Caldecott is well-known in the sector as a leader in therapeutic care; our ability to change and develop our services to make sure the young people we care for are supported is something we are very proud of.

“It’s not just one person who is responsible for this,” Nick said. “It’s all of us. I truly believe we are a strong team because each individual cares deeply about the young people who live and study within the Caldecott community. I’m proud of my team and everything they’ve done for Caldecott’s young people during this last year.”

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