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The Caldecott Foundation at the NCCTC

The Caldecott Foundation is proud to have exhibited at this year’s National Children’s Commissioning and Contracting Training Conference.

Across the two-day event, keynote speakers shared their perspective on “How to commission children’s services that work”, through a series of workshops and presentations.

Attending for the Caldecott Foundation, Damion and Michelle said: “We’ve really enjoyed the conference this year and have met with many commissioners and fellow providers.  We’ve received a lot of compliments about our work with the young people we currently care for, as well as success stories from the past.

“All of the speakers have described the need to reduce spend but get more for your money.  We were really inspired by Lisa Cherry, who writes and trains professionals in education and social care in how to understand trauma, recovery and resilience for vulnerable children and their families.

“Lisa says that commissioners should always ask providers how much emphasis they place in relationships with the children and how much they care for staff; what the educational expectations are for each child and how they build services that have a fundamental belief in recovery.  These are at the heart of the Caldecott Foundation’s ethos and are reflected in our practice”.

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