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School's out for summer at Caldecott!

It’s been a busy year at the Caldecott School and the last week of term has been no exception!

Sports Day saw pupils – and staff – tackle a variety of inflatable challenges including a bungee run, an obstacle course and Zorb racing.

“Last Man Standing” involved leaping over a revolving pole at exactly the right time to avoid being knocked over.

“We’ve tried to be as inclusive as possible”, said Louise, Head of the Caldecott School, “and to be a bit creative – and to make Sports Day fun!”

Bounce The Party, who provided the inflatables, guided pupils through the activities.

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with the young people”, said a staff member, “they were all kind, considerate and listened well.”

Lunch was a barbecue picnic with parents and carers, who were invited to take part in Sports Day as well.

“All of our pupils have been keen to have a go and everyone has joined in”, said Louise, “and it’s been great to see the adults supporting them.

“Sports Day has been teaching our pupils about being part of a team and that it’s ok not to win every time – about not taking yourself too seriously, and how to laugh at yourself.”

It was also an opportunity for introductions.

“We have new pupils joining us in September who have come along today” continued Louise.  “It’s been great for building relationships, with introductions in a fun environment.”

Term ended at the Caldecott School with the annual Assembly of Achievement.

Parents, carers, pupils and school staff gathered alongside staff from across the Caldecott Foundation and its Board of Trustees.

Young people received certificates to acknowledge their progress over the year, with special awards presented to individuals in recognition of exceptional effort.

“It’s when you look at everyone’s achievements together that you realise quite how much we’ve done and how far we’ve come”, said Louise.

The Assembly concluded with a group musical performance of “This Is Me”, in which all young people took part.

“Seeing all the pupils up on stage singing was a fantastic way to end this year” said Louise.  “We have seen them not only progress in their learning, but grow in their self-esteem and resilience.  Pupils have learned that education can be fun.”

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