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An Introduction to The Caldecott School

Hello. I am a pupil at the Caldecott Foundation, which has both care homes and a school. Life at Caldecott is fun, but it can have its ups and downs. Caldecott has helped me change, I now do things I would never have done before, I would slack off of school and just do nothing, but now I am different.

When I first came to Caldecott I was very nervous and quiet and I wasn’t very keen with the idea about school. I would still refuse to do work and generally be grumpy. But it’s been a year and 7 months since I was first placed here and now my whole attitude has changed. Caldecott School has helped me improve my confidence and my self-belief and now I love learning.

The staff at The Caldecott School have supported me ever since I arrived and without that support, I would still be a lazy slacker, with nothing to do, with no confidence, or ambitions and self-belief. I have improved so much in my lessons, the staff at the Caldecott School; have explained how to do the work and how to work problems out. They have an easy understanding of what to explain to me and offer support I wouldn’t get in mainstream school. I couldn’t be any happier with this school and what it specializes in. I now have a dream to own and form a company like Microsoft and Apple and I hope that dream comes true.

Now we get down to the facts about the school. There are 7 classes in the whole school, each class can have up to about 8-9 pupils. Class 1s year range is from year One-Six, Class 2s year range is year seven, Class 3 is year eight, Class 4 is year nine, Class 5 and 6 is year ten and Class 7 is year eleven. At the end of year nine, Pupils get to choose at least 2 out of five BTECS to do in the beginning of year ten and up until the end of year eleven.

The BTECS That Pupils can choose are Construction, Vehicle Motor Studies, Land Based Studies, Hair and Beauty and Spearheads. These are the BTECS that we can choose.

Near the end of term, the year elevens do a six weeks course called Life Skills. Which is about Preparing for life when year elevens leave the school. Pupils will learn things like cooking going to the supermarket to buy food with a limited Budget, meeting the Mayor and much more. The oldest you can stay at the Caldecott School is sixteen. Pupils can then decide what they want to do with their future.

By AB, year 10.

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