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Harry’s Caldecott Story

At the age of four, Harry was placed in the care of his local authority. Several foster placements broke down as Harry presented with challenging behaviours. These behaviours escalated with him making serious attempts to harm himself. To keep Harry safe, he was admitted into secure accommodation in 2019. After almost a year in secure accommodation it was agreed that the secure order was no longer required.

In September 2020, we offered harry a loving home. The therapeutic plan provided Harry with assessments that would support his needs and help him understand his journey so far. Our in-house Clinical team developed strategies and safety plans to keep Harry safe. Our Caldecott School set up a classroom around his learning needs. Eighteen months on, he attends full-time and is a key member of the school that is well liked and popular.

Outside of school, he has found a local Cadet force and proudly attended ‘Remembrance Parade’. His friends from Cadets come over for tea and have also celebrated his Birthday. We are so proud of Harrys achievements.

He is a truly remarkable child that now has the confidence to make friends and is able to express his feelings using the emotional literacy that his care has given him. Harry’s journey is one of many we would like to share with you.

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