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Christmas at Caldecott

There is a lot going on at the Caldecott Foundation at Christmas time. The first sign that Christmas is coming at Caldecott is when the Christmas trees are delivered to the houses. The young people get involved in decorating them and this is where the excitement begins!

We hold lots of activities at Caldecott to get the young people into the Christmas spirit and this year activities include the annual Christmas Celebrations at the school and a school disco, which the young people thoroughly enjoy. There is also a Christmas dinner at the school before the students break up at the end of term.

As usual there will be an assembly of achievement at the end of term.  At these assemblies, we celebrate those who have done well at school, or made progress on their behaviour or attendance by presenting them with medals and certificates.  Everyone comes down to watch, to support the young people.

It is because everyone pulls together that Christmas is magical here.  Usually, there are several children staying at Caldecott, and children say that it is a lot more fun when everyone is there together.  This is when everyone in the houses starts to feel like a family.  The children spend the day enjoying the presents that they have been looking forward to and enjoying a lovely Christmas dinner.  This year, each child is also going to get some extra surprise presents from a couple of our corporate supporters- but they don’t know that yet!

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