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Centenary Target Acheived

We are delighted to announce that we have reached our £750,000 centenary campaign goal to build a new vocational learning centre and supported accommodation. The money was raised through numerous local and national fundraising activities and events, as well as donations from charitable trusts and foundations.

The money raised through the Centenary Appeal will help Caldecott’s older children acquire workplace skills in a range of fields such as construction, car mechanics and hair and beauty, helping them move into independence and employment for a happier, fulfilled life.

Clive Lee, CEO of The Caldecott Foundation said: “This is an incredible achievement and the investment will provide our young people with an outstanding environment in which to learn, grow and acquire the essential life skills for their role in society.”

The fundraising campaign, which marked the founding of The Caldecott Foundation in London in 1911, has raised money for a vocational learning centre to be built next to the Caldecott School, providing BTEC training in a fully equipped construction workshop and hair and beauty salon. A second offsite training unit to teach car mechanics will also be established with courses starting in September 2013.

The appeal has also raised money to improve to Caldecott’s supported accommodation helping older children make a successful transition from care to full independence, equipping them with life skills such as budgeting, shopping, personal presentation, preparation for the workplace and the confidence to thrive in their new environment.

More than twenty charitable trusts and foundations made donations to the centenary fund, while Caldecott’s friends and supporters arranged successful fundraising events including a London art auction, an evening at the Royal College of Music, a summer garden partyat Doddington Place near Sittingbourne and a Thanksgiving service held at Canterbury Cathedral.

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