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The Caldecott Foundation has been making a difference for young people for over 110 years.  As an outstanding Ofsted provider, our charity has a special school, a boarding home, fostering and seven children’s homes across Kent and the Midlands.

We have adapted the therapeutic workshops which are provided for our own staff and developed this course to share best practice with other schools.  Educators will understand more about childhood trauma, adverse childhood experiences and the role attachment plays in how children learn, behave and form relationships.

In addition to increased knowledge, the two-day interactive training course offers advice, resources, and practical strategies to help support children with their learning and improve communication in the classroom.



  • All learners will understand that early attachment patterns can impact on a child’s later relationships and consequently affect their ability to thrive in school.
  • All learners will be able to identify practical strategies to support students with attachment difficulties.
  • Learners will be able to identify similarities and crossovers between attachment difficulties and trauma to other learning needs such as Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
  • Learners will be able to name and acknowledge experiences that can have long-term influences on students’ well-being, behaviour, the ability to learn and make friendships
  • Learners to be able to recognise ways students may demonstrate that they are reacting from their survival brain (fight / flight / freeze) and what feelings may underlie these behaviours
  • Learners will recognise that some typical behaviour management approaches are not a good fit to children who have experienced adverse childhood experiences.


  • All learners will understand that their interactions with students go towards brain building.
  • Learners will identify approaches that can help regulate pupils who may be finding things difficult and expressing this in behaviour.
  • Learners will be supported to identify sensory provisions that they could try with a child in their care to aid regulation.
  • All learners will be able to apply aspects of Dan Hughes’ PACE (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy) approach in interactions with students and recognise how this can support positive relationships in the education setting.


Teaching Assistants, Teachers, Designated Teachers, Learning Mentors, Pastoral Leads, Senior Leadership Teams, Governors, and all other adults working with children within a school environment


Emily Carrick is a qualified Play Therapist (MA) with over twenty years of experience working with children and young people living in residential care, fostering and children at mainstream schools at risk of exclusion.   Emily has also undertaken Mentalisation Training from The Anna Freud Centre and has a Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Children and Young People.  In 2013 she completed the PGCE for the lifelong learning sector from Canterbury Christ Church University to further develop her teaching.  Emily has provided training and consultancy to those working and caring for young people in a variety of topics including Healthy Sexual Development, Self-Harm, Attachment and Therapeutic Childcare.

Caroline Hallett leads Learning and Development for The Caldecott Foundation.   She holds a BA (Hons) in Therapeutic Childcare and is passionate about ensuring young people have their voices heard and their choices respected.  She has over thirty years of experience working with children and young people in schools, charities, and voluntary organisations. Caroline is also a parent carer for an autistic son.


Ten tuition hours delivered over 2 days.  Each day starts at 09.00 for a 09.30 start, 11:00 coffee break (15 minutes), 12:30 Lunch, 13:00 resume 14:30 coffee break (15 minutes), and 16:15 finish.


  • £149 per delegate for the 2-day course, which includes lunch & refreshments.  We can offer a discretionary £100 discount to colleagues from primary and secondary schools in East Kent


Training is delivered on-site at Caldecott Foundation, Caldecott House, Hythe Rd, Smeeth, Ashford TN25 6SP  (with an optional tour of Primary and Secondary schools at the end of each day).

  • Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th June 2023


  • Monday 3rd July and Tuesday 4th July 2023

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