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Caldecott Quotes I have loved being at Caldecott. It has been a life changing experience. Caldecott Quotes

Shaheedah, Former Caldecott Resident

Caldecott Quotes When you have one-to-one time with your key worker you can talk about things that are worrying you. Caldecott Quotes

Young Person, Garden House

Caldecott Quotes I’m really glad I came to Caldecott because it helped me get through a dark period of my life. Things aren’t perfect, but I’m happy and looking forward to the next stage of my life and to a bright future. Caldecott Quotes

Nathan, Former Caldecott Student

Caldecott Quotes Caldecott had a huge impact on my life – in fact, I’d go so far as to say that it saved my life. Caldecott Quotes

Nicholas, Former Caldecott Resident

Caldecott Quotes All the staff are very helpful and caring, I have learned a lot of things since being in care Caldecott Quotes

Young Person, Willow Trees

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