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Willow Trees

Willow Trees is made up of two houses- Willow Trees and Lacton Lodge. Willow Trees looks after up to 4 young people in the two houses which are situated about 5 minutes away from the rest of the Caldecott Foundation’s houses. The environment in Willow Trees will be more like a family home for you.

Willow Trees is set up to help young people move on from the bigger placements to a small unit before they move back to their foster placements, semi-independence or back home. The adults at Willow Trees will help the you in a number of ways, including gaining independence and understanding why you have been in care. Being in Willow Trees will also help you to understand where would be the best place for you to move on to and help you make important decisions for your future.

It is important to stay fit and healthy and at Willow Trees there are lots of healthy food and drinks and you will get a say about what you eat and help with the weekly menu, food shop and cooking. The adults will also encourage you to join any clubs and participate in any sports that you may want to so you get the exercise you need.

It is important that you have time to play and have fun in Willow Trees.  We have lots of games and toys within the house as well as computers and a garden.  We like to go to and do activities such as swimming, golf archery and going to the gym.  We also like to have trips out to local parks, the cinema, zoo and going out for dinner.  In the summer we go on a group holiday, usually to a holiday park and there is a Foundation Camp every year.

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