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Hornbeam looks after up to 8 boys and girls from the age of  5. They are all here for many different reasons and the staff here will help you understand why you do not live at home anymore.

The people who live in Hornbeam come from all over the country and it is important to remember that everyone is different and everyone is special. The adults in the house will help you deal with any difficult thoughts, feelings and behaviour you may have and will help you understand why you are living there.

There is lots of security at Hornbeam to make you feel safe and there will always be adults there to help you if you need anything. The adults are also there to make sure you are happy and to deal with anything that might be preventing you from being happy.

It is also important make sure you are fit and healthy. There are lots of nice foods and drinks in Hornbeam so there will always be something you like to have for dinner.

The adults in Hornbeam will also help you with your school work. It is important that you continue learning while you are living here. There is a study in the house where you can go to do your school work if you would like to.

At Hornbeam, it is important that you have lots of time to play and have fun. If there are any hobbies that you like to do, you will be encouraged to carry these on when you arrive.

Hornbeam has a big garden for you to play in and in the area there are lots of swimming pools, sports centres, playgrounds, woods to walk in with trees to climb and lots more.

Living away from your home, family and friends can be very difficult and it is important that you are able to keep and build upon family relationships.  When you join Garden House we have a meeting with your social worker and agree the contact and visits between yourself and all the important people to you..  You can sometimes telephone, write or see the people that are important to you if that is what you would like and what everyone feels is best right now.

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