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lacton_bridget_hamlet“Willow Trees is set up to help young people move from their bigger group experiences to a small unit before they then move onto foster placements, semi-independent provision or back home. It is wonderful to see young people gain life skills and put them into practice before moving onto successful placements. As well as being welcoming and supportive, the staff team at Willow Trees is particularly good at adapting to the individual needs of each young person.”


Bridget Hamlet, Registered Manager


Willow Tree’s Aims and objectives

  • To bridge the gap between residential placements in a larger group and the more intensive, intimate setting of small group living.
  • To provide the young people with a more family orientated environment.
  • To encourage the young people to build up a range of life skills with a view to helping the transition to their next placement.

What a Young Person at Willow Trees can expect:

  • To be accepted for who you are and treated as an individual.
  • To be involved in day to day decision making and given help developing your independence skills.
  • To have a positive experience of being a young person.

Statement Of Purpose

For a copy of the statement of purpose for Willow Trees, please contact our Referrals team:
0845 463 2521