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“Education is an important issue at Hornbeam as many of our young people have experienced long periods out of the school environment and so find being in a classroom setting difficult. As a result we pride ourselves on the progress and achievements that our young people continue to make in school. Outside of the classroom we help our diverse group of young people pursue their own interests and develop their individual personalities,”

Emma Hamlet, Registered Manager



Hornbeam’s Aims and objectives

  • To provide a homely nurturing environment where the children can feel safe and emotionally secure.
  • To enable each young person to experience the nurture and unconditional care that they have missed whilst also learning social skills and acceptable behaviours.
  • To continually monitor and evaluate the day to day care plan of each child to ensure that the emotional, educational, and physical needs of each child are met.

What a Young Person at Hornbeam can expect:

  • To be equipped to survive, thrive and achieve your full potential.
  • To be given a positive perspective on life and the confidence to develop independently.
  • To develop social skills and self acceptance.

Statement Of Purpose

For a copy of the statement of purpose for Hornbeam, please contact our Referrals team:
0845 463 2521