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emergency-assessmentEmergency and Assessment

Our specially tailored programmes are delivered at Pine Lodge, a modern residential home at our Ashford site and also at The Old Vicarage, our newly opened home in Fledborough, Nottinghamshire.

Our emergency and assessment centres offer placements on an emergency and planned basis and work specifically with children and young people who have a high level of needs.  The children and young people will have come from different backgrounds, displaying challenging behaviors and raw emotions. Both centres offer a safe, supportive and nurturing environment with an emphasis on treating each young person as an individual and adapting to their own needs.

Each young person has a weekly case review attended by a Therapist, Educational Psychologist, Allocated Care worker and Class Teacher in line with our integrated and mutli-disciplinary approach to case management.  The group sets and monitors both short term and long term objectives for all aspects of a young person’s life.

What do we offer?

• Emergency Placements

• Three or Six month Assessments

• Bridging Placements

• Respite Care

• Focused work over a specific period of time

The children and young people have the opportunity to be educated in the centres on site school by a qualified teacher. All students will follow the National Curriculum for their year group, and will be encouraged to participate in external clubs and community activities.

It is our aim to give every young person the opportunities and support to mature, progress and flourish within a safe, caring and structured environment.

For Emergency Referrals and for details of Assessment Packages please contact:

Michelle Hutton, Referrals Team

0845 463 2521

Statement Of Purpose
For a copy of the statement of purpose for either Pine Lodge or The Old Vicarage, please contact our Referrals team:
0845 463 2521