The Caldecott Foundation

Our History

In the late 19th Century, a young lady from a middle class family in the East End of London named Leila Rendel started a Day Nursery for children whose families, through poverty or neglect, could not care for them. The need was so great that a new more permanent building was needed. In 1911, the Caldecott Nursery was founded and named after the famous Victorian illustrator of children’s books, Randolph Caldecott, whose pictures decorated the walls.

Due to the bombing of London during the First World War, the nursery moved to Maidstone in Kent where it became known as the Caldecott Community. By 1930, it had grown and cared for some 50 children and also provided them with primary education.

Most recently the Community became a Foundation and is now based near Ashford in Kent. The modern Caldecott Foundation cares for the most vulnerable children in the UK who have suffered cruelty and neglect. We provide a full range of care services including Assessment, 52 and 38 week Residential Care, Education, Therapy and Fostering.

Our Philosophy

Over one hundred years of experience caring for vulnerable children has given us the knowledge and expertise to help them rebuild their lives and look forward to a bright future. Our philosophy is that every child is an individual and we tailor the care we provide to these specific needs.

We believe that this combination of experience, child centered practice and individualised care makes us uniquely suitable for the task of caring for our children.

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