The Caldecott Foundation


If you are interesting in fundraising for the Caldecott Foundation, please download our Sponsor Form.

To contact the fundraising team, please email or call 01303 815637.

Collection Boxes

All donations, both big and small, are important and if you have a suitable area where we can place a collection box such as in reception, by the photocopier or at your tills, then let us know.

Gifts in Kind

Caldecott is always looking for kind companies who can help by donating goods to help with the upkeep of our houses and school buildings. If you can offer building materials, furniture, garden goods, ‘new’ quality toys, books or equipment we would be thrilled to hear from you.

Our children also love any opportunity to attend shows and events so if you would like to donate tickets or outing opportunities, please also get in touch.

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