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Mission Statement

Caldecott School recognises that all pupils are individual and aims to give them choice, opportunity and equality. As well as ensuring each pupil is educated to their full potential we encourage them to progress in every area of their life.

Core Values

Choice, Opportunity, Progression and Equality are the values central to everything we do at Caldecott School. We believe in our pupils and provide opportunities for them to achieve and progress in whatever way is best for them. Many of our pupils have not had the same opportunities that others have had and we aim to redress the balance.

These core values underpin our work which are reflected in the achievements of our pupils, including:

  • Gaining GCSE, BTEC and other accredited qualifications
  • Working to improve the lives of others
  • Moving onto further education, sixth form colleges, apprenticeships or work
  • Reintegrating into mainstream school


Assessment at Caldecott
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SMSC Policy

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