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The Caldecott Association is independent of the Caldecott Foundation and exists for ex Caldecott residents and pupils to stay in touch, share memories and attend reunions with their friends and colleagues. To find out more about joining the Association please email

The Diana Dee Fund


The Caldecott Association, which is completely independent of the Caldecott Foundation, has established a fund, the Diana Dee Fund, to assist ex-Caldecotts who are experiencing financial difficulties, or who need help to further themselves through education and training in their chosen field.

It replaces the former Leila Rendel Fund which fulfilled a similar purpose in the past, and is named after Diana Dee, whose father John was one of the first children to enter the Caldecott Community when it was founded in 1911 at Cartwright Gardens in London. Diana has been a loyal supporter of the Caldecott Association, and it was a donation from her which enabled us to set up the Fund.

Applications for assistance should be made in writing, to the following address:

The Chair, The Diana Dee Fund
c/o The Caldecott Foundation, Caldecott House
Smeeth, Ashford, Kent TN25 6SP

Ex-Caldecotts can face many difficulties after leaving, and many will have no parental or other support and will feel completely alone. The Diana Dee Fund aims to offer financial help whenever possible, subject to it having the resources to do so, but it is entirely dependent upon donations to enable it to continue its work. For that reason the Caldecott Association will need to fundraise on a regular basis in support of this initiative, and donations will always be welcome.

To make a donation please write to the address above, or to find out more about the Diana Dee Fund or how you can support it, email us at or look out for updates in the Caldecott Association newsletter or the Caldecott Foundation newsletters.

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